Quality assurance

At Gothia Translations, our translators collaborate closely with both linguists and writers.

Each task is assigned a personal project manager who has the primary responsibility to ensure that the work is performed in the best possible way, from coordinating, editing, proofreading and any graphic production to delivery.

The line of communication between client and project manager is open and strictly confidential during the entire process.

Since several different translations can be equally accurate, the customer may use a particular linguistic nomenclature. Therefore, word choices as well as the target audience are discussed with the author and then anchored with the translator to ensure that the result is linguistically correct and in accordance with the client’s wishes.

The project manager coordinates the proofreading prior to delivery. This is done by someone other than the translator who has written the translation. It is also the project manager’s role to ensure that the agreed nomenclature is saved for each assignment. Thus Gothia’s experience cumulates and the customer feels secure in its relationship with Gothia and our project managers.

We are accustomed to working under time pressure and with short delivery times, without compromising on quality.

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